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Rogue Co. Heads to Vermont!

Join Rogue Co. as we perform pieces from our latest full length productions, "Number 3. The Darker Side of Rogue Co." & "Number 4. Mind Over Matter." at Saint Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont.

FREE ADMISSION! McCarthy Arts Center Theater Friday, September 11th I 7:00pm Saturday, September 12th I 7:00pm

Rogue Co. is a Colorado professional dance company committed to bringing dance to the forefront of our community. The company strives to strengthen the bond between professionals and aspiring dancers with positive influence and breathing artistic integrity into the community. Rogue Co. encourages its artists to instill an appreciation and desire for movement among all dance forms. It is our hope that our performances provide an enriching experience for both artists and audience.

For more information on Rogue Co., please visit our website: or YouTube: To speak with Directors please contact:

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