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Rogue Co. is a contemporary dance company based out of Denver. While we consider ourselves playfully mischievous in the world of movement, Rogue houses some of Colorado’s most sought-after & acclaimed dancers, teachers, and choreographers in the state. We intend to push the limits of creativity with our courageous and cutting edge style. As a collaboration of artists, Rogue Co. is here to inspire and influence the world of dance through powerful movement and rich storytelling.



“Rogue Co. is a Colorado professional dance company committed to bringing dance to the forefront of our community. The company strives to strengthen the bond between professionals and aspiring dancers with yearly evening-length productions, open company classes and weekend workshops, all with the intention of infusing artistic integrity into the community's fabric. Rogue Co. encourages its artists to instill an appreciation and desire for movement among all dance forms. It is our hope that our performances, classes and workshops provide an enriching experience for both artists and audience.”

Who We Are

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