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Hear From the Community


"In a word, Rogue Co. is revolutionary. No where in the state of Colorado is anyone doing what these women are doing. They are extreme artists and visionaries. They are knowledgeable, humble, and extraordinarily talented. Along with the immense level of technique these ladies possess, they are mastering the communication of their passion. Their productions have left quite a mark on audiences that have seen them, and created a bigger buzz throughout the Denver/Boulder dance community. To say they have gone "Rogue" is truly an understatement. They are crafting their own scene that has become extremely desirable among local dancers and choreographers.


I have been lucky enough to dance with them, create with them, and learn from them since their first season. Their past is impressive, and their future is boundless. I can only hope to be a part of this beautiful dance family for a long time to come. You must experience it to understand it. Big things are on the horizon. People watch out."

Tara Cluck / Owner & Director / Tara Cluck Dance Center


"Rogue Co. is an amazing group of women. Their dedication, artistry, and talent are boundless. I watch them with excitement to see where they take their movement."

Jenny Schiff / Artistic & Executive Director / The Schiff Dance Collective

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